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Nanocerox, Inc. has exclusively licensed a patented flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) process developed at the University of Michigan for the direct, large-scale production of inexpensive, mixed-metal oxide nanopowders. The general FSP method (which is used, for example, by DuPont to produce ultrafine powders) has been modified to allow for powder production from solution based precursors. This modified process, as practiced at Nanocerox, involves combusting aerosols of single-metal and mixed-metal metalloorganic alcohol solutions, with oxygen or air in a reaction chamber as illustrated below at temperatures of 1200°-2000°C. Rapid quenching thereafter produces essentially unagglomerated, single particle, nanopowders with the same composition as in the original precursor solutions

The modified FSP technology:

Allows Nanocerox to custom-design mixed-metal oxide nanopowders and produce them in quantity at competitive cost

Scales easily (Nanocerox has already made two process scale-ups)

Directly produces nanomaterials that are otherwise difficult or impossible to produce without grinding

Provides for precise control of the composition of mixed, doped, or stabilized metal oxides (opening the door to catalytic, bioassay, and photonic applications requiring ppm control)

Lowers capital costs by using less expensive and easier-to-handle equipment


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